No 267 Garden of Paradise - Water Tumbler


The collection 267 Garden of Paradise was designed by Tatiana de Nicolay in 2019.

Tatiana is an illustrator based in London working for Cabana Magazine, Diptyque, Dior, among others.

Her fine and charming style characterises the tumbler series with painted branches and birds. “Garden of Paradise" celebrates the beauty of nature. This collection evokes purity where landscapes remain untouched. Perched on their branches, these exotic birds enjoy the purity of clear water in these protected spaces. Throuh this design, the designer wants to convey the message of a sense of respect for our natural environment.

There are six patterns available, all painted by hand on drinking sets 267 Alpha’s rosalin water tumbler.

Collections: Drinking Set no 267, Garden of Paradise

Designer: Tatiana de Nicolay, 2019 

Dimension: 7,2 cm (height) x 9 cm (diameter)

Volume: 0,25 L

Care: hand wash recommended

Made in Austria 🇦🇹

Estimated shipping time: 3 to 4 weeks

Shipping country: Austria

Shipping fees: vary depending on the destination and complexity of the item. In Europe € 50.

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