Animor - Tanganyika Bowl


Moser offers a perfect blend of technical expertise and creative passion that results in pieces that are both sublime and sophisticated. The artists have received numerous awards for their work and are world renowned. Moser objects are created with lead-free, environmentally friendly glass. Discover Moser's original creations that will illuminate your room and bring an infinite charm and a touch of luxury.

The heron’s flight inspires a certain greatness and it’s perfect proportions are strikingly graceful. It’s no wonder that the designer Rudolf Wels included it in the Animor collection. Almost a century after the design was created, the combination of grey and gold is still very much in vogue.

Collection: Animor

Material: engraved and gilded with 24K gold

Colour: smoke

Dimensions: 24 cm (diameter) x 12,4 cm (height)

Limited Edition: 100 pieces

Made in Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Shipping estimated time: 3 months

Shipping fees in Europe: € 50 

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CARLSBAD, CZECH-REPUBLIC | GLASSWARE Ludwig Moser was a visionary and a passionate artist who was constantly pushing boundaries. In 1857 he opened his glass workshop, initially devoted to polishing and...

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