Maude Smith

Set of 4 Tea Towels - Nature


Maude Smith's challenge is to bring the outside world into the home and freeze it to preserve it on a ceramic tile. What could be more beautiful and comforting than bringing the beauty of nature to life on everyday objects.

Practical, decorative, but also educational, these tiles will help us recognize species and varieties.

Available in sets of 4.

Collection: Birds' Eggs, Butterflies, Grass, Mushrooms

Made in Great-Britain 🇬🇧

Shipping estimated time: 1 week

Shipping fees in Europe: € 11

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Maude Smith

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM | DECORATION  Maude is a maker, decorator, creator and painter, based in London. She cultivates out of her home in London a deliciously old-fashioned, cabinet-like atmosphere. Maude grew up in the...

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