Noémie Lacroix

Scarf Double Jeu - Chessboard Y


A scarf or a table game. Let yourself be seduced by this Double Jeu square designed by Noémie Lacroix. This creation also features a series of handmade ceramic pawns that can be used for playing or worn as jewelry. Don't forget to choose the option "With Pawn Set".

This organic cotton piece is inspired by chess, whose goal is to put the king of the opposing player in check, without him being able to parry the attack: checkmate!

Diffused in Europe in the 10th century by the Arabs, the game of chess combines strategy, logic and patience, which is why it was called the game of kings, and quickly, the king of games.

Collection: Double Jeu

Material: organic cotton, certified GOTS (global organic textile standard)

Dimensions: 90 cm (length) x 90 cm (width)

Colours of pawns: blue, white

Made in France 🇫🇷

Shipping country: France

Shipping fees: vary depending on the destination and complexity of the item. In Europe € 30.

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Noemie Lacroix

PARIS, FRANCE | TEXTILE DESIGN  Living and working between Amsterdam and Paris, Noémie Lacroix is a multidisciplinary artist and tapestry weaver working mainly on paper and textile using a mix of...

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