Victoria Episcopo

Monstera Deliciosa - Rocking Chair


The Monstera Deliciosa rocking chair was inspired by observing wildlife during a trip to Mexico. The Monstera leaf in particular caught Victoria's eye because of its size and skeletal structure. As the leaf swayed in the wind, the designer found it important to include this notion of movement in her design.

Victoria's fascination with the natural world around her and with timeless, traditional craft techniques has resulted in her dining table collection. With the aim of celebrating nature, the designer transforms functional objects into true works of art. She creates and follows every step of the creation of her pieces, before meticulously hand-painting them in her workshop in Salento, Apulia, Italy.

Collection: Monstera Deliciosa Rocking Chair

Materials: wrought iron

Dimensions: 190 cm x 130 cm x 110 cm (height)

These tables are handmade out of wrought iron and painted wood. We can’t underestimate the effect of corrosives on surfaces. Bleach and similar products must be avoided to clean up the table. Also, a table that always stays outdoors needs to be kept clean up and after many days of rain it must be dried. Please be careful using scratchy objects on the table, the flower is painted and not resistant to scratches.

Made in Italy 🇮🇹 

Shipping estimated time: 12 weeks

Shipping fees in Europe: vary according to destination and complexity of the object, quote available upon request.

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Victoria Episcopo

SALENTO, ITALY | FURNITURE Always passionate about contemporary art and after several professional experiences in this field, Victoria Pignatelli created her brand in 2015 in Milan. On the border between design and...

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