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The Atlante lamp is inspired by Greek mythology and in particular by Atlas, who was forced by Zeus to carry the vault of heaven on his shoulders, thus becoming one of the pillars of the sky. Designed by Nigel Coats, the lamp is made from Cristalflex® (a technopolymer designed by Slamp) and has a slight grey shading, giving it a contemporary appearance.

Nigel Coates, former art director of Slamp, is a renowned designer. With exhibitions around the world and original designs, he interprets any space or object with passion, irony and instinct.

Based in Rome, Slamp offers lamps with a unique and recognisable character thanks to the innovative use of unalterable technopolymers that allow for shapes, designs and effects impossible with other materials. Each creation is designed by hand with meticulous processes that allow for the creation of new, high-end shapes. 

Collection : Atlante

Designer : Nigel Coastes

Materials : cristalflex, stainless steel

Colour : fumé

Dimensions : 85 cm (height) x 51 cm (diameter)

Weight : 7,4 kg

Electronical caracteristics : bulb E14 (8 X 15W LED max IBC/C)

Made in Italy 🇮🇹

Shipping estimated time : 3 to 4 weeks

Shipping fees : € 40

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ROME, ITALY | LIGHTING After 10 years of experience in the high fashion industry, Roberto Ziliani created the avant-garde lighting firm, Slamp. With an original concept dedicated to the manufacture of...

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