Agata Treasures

Figs King - Vase


Head-shape vase, representing the face of a young Sicilian man with a crown made of figs.

In their decorative aspect, Sicilian ceramics are very elementary. Hands are the fundamental tools of artisans, who model and paint clay, creating timeless objects.

Ceramists have a spontaneous taste for beauty and a passion for the things they inherited from their ancestors.

Travel through the explosion of colors presented by Agata Treasures and travel back in time to discover the myths of the archipelago inherited from their ancestors. 

Collection: Head Vases 

Techniques: made of clay, handcrafted and decorated by hand

Dimension: 33 cm (height)

Weight: 2 kg

Care: hand washing is recommended, please avoid contact with overly reactive ingredients (lemon, salt, mayonnaise or eggs) which could damage the exterior.

Made in Italy 🇮🇹 

Estimated shipping time: 3 weeks

Shipping country: Italy

Shipping fees: vary depending on the destination and complexity of the item. In Europe € 15; in the United Kingdom € 20.

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