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Arabesque Special Limited Edition 2021 - Book

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D'ORO D'ART is a new video art concept launched by one of the artists who helped found and establish this art form: Dara Birnbaum. For the first time in her career, Dara Birnbaum - one of the world's most important artists and a pioneer of video art - has presented a limited vertical edition of one of her creations: Arabesque. D'ORO / D'ART has developed a prototype of a hybrid object, which is a book, a sculpture and a piece of video art in one. The unique configuration has been carefully planned, and every detail has been taken into account. The book and the video components form a unified object. The best and latest software and hardware were selected and configured for durability and longevity. This includes the LCD screen and the unique playback system. The video-sound file cannot be deleted or modified.

Dara Birnbaum took on the challenge of transforming her three-channel video, Arabesque, made in 2011, into a single-channel video for the book. In this video, sound and image are integrated and together trace the love and artistic relationship of Robert and Clara Schumann. Birnbaum has assembled film selections of performances of Robert Schumann's Arabesque Opus 18 and films of Clara Schumann's Romanze 1, Opus 11. Birnbaum juxtaposed these excerpts with stills made from footage of the 1947 film about the Schumanns, Song of Love, which, tellingly, features only Robert Schumann's Arabesque Opus 18. Birnbaum's Arabesque delicately reflects the troubled love affair of Robert and Clara Schumann, a love affair closely linked to music, as they were both pianists. The elegance of Birnbaum's video fits perfectly with the sophisticated structure of the book project in the D'ORO collection. D'ORO and Marian Goodman Gallery celebrate this magnificent new venture with the launch of Dara Birnbaum's Arabesque at Art Basel Miami in 2021.

Since 2020, in the heart of Rome, D'ORO Collection craftsmen have been printing and binding books entirely by hand using the finest leathers, papers and silks, and hand-crafting bas-relief covers finished in gold leaf. Made using ancient craft methods, these books become jewels destined to preserve history, tradition and excellence for future generations.

Material: cotton paper, crystal screen, aluminium, gold, leather, gold

Dimensions: 38 cm (width) x 7,5 cm (depth) x 56,8 cm (height)

Display: LCD crystal screen with videoplay activated by sensors when book opens

Video: color, stereo sound, 6 min and 29 sec (duration)

Made in Italy 🇮🇹

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