Bengt - Vinyl Filoferro Wallpaper Artisanal Embroidery


Bengt Paris is an embroidery studio born in Paris and inspired by an idea of the Swedish designer Jimi Roos, who works exclusively on a commission basis in the fashion, furniture and art industries. Roos started his career in the artisans’ workshops in Florence, where he had the chance to experiment with the traditional tailoring and embroidery techniques and to subvert them in order to create his own style.

Jimi’s experimental approach combines the Italian expertise and knowledge with a hint of humour and with unique technologies. He dedicated his life to developing new sewing, embroidery and knitting methods, thanks to which he is now known all over the world for the socalled “wrong-side purl stitch”, which surprisingly started a whole new embroidery technique.

Collection: Bengt Paris

Designer: Jimi Roos

Materials: Handmade embroidery, vinyl on TNT (non-woven fabric) 

Dimensions: 0,98 m (width) x 3 m (length)

Made in Italy 🇮🇹


Shipping estimated time: 8 weeks

Shipping fees in Europe: € 50

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