La Faïencerie de Gien

Peonies - Hand Painted Melonniere


This collection was successfully interpreted by Gien in the XIXth century, with an entirely hand-painted pattern. This opulent peony, inspired by the Orient, is one of the most important motifs of Gien's Faïencerie. This floral motif has become a timelles iconic piece.

An exceptional manufacture thanks to its unique and bicentenary know-how, Faïencerie de Gien masters all the stages of the manufacturing process, from the heap of earth to the finished product. A Gien piece requires 26 components and passes through the hands of 30 "master earthenware makers".

Collection: Peonies, hand painted

Material: fine earthenware from Gien

Dimensions: 26 cm (diameter)

 Care: withstands machine washing

Made in France 🇫🇷

Shipping estimated time: 4 to 6 weeks

Shipping fees in France: € 7,00

Shipping fees in UK: € 25,00

Shipping fees in rest of Europe: € 20,00

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La Faïencerie de Gien

GIEN, FRANCE | EARTHENWARE Located in the Val de Loire, the historic heart of France, the company Gien masters the entire manufacturing process locally: from the selection of the earths (sand,...

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