Marie Daâge

Zephyr - Hand Painted Dessert Plate

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ZEPHYR, personification of the west or northwest wind in Greek mythology, is a collection that evokes the dynamics of movement given by a light brushstroke that envelops the fine piece of porcelain, carrying it away in an elegant and rhythmic dance. Rhythm also of a checkerboard effect, geometrically rendered by the alternating play of torn touches. The collection is composed of two different variants, which complement each other with a light version and a bold version. ZEPHYR 1 can be customized with two colors, and ZEPHYR 2 with three, each to be chosen from our palette of 68 colors.

Marie Daâge suggests building a service or collecting porcelain like adding a beautiful piece to your wardrobe. In the same way that you don't wear the same little black dress with the same heels or the same jacket to every cocktail party, you can mix and match the decorations on the table by improvising different harmonies according to the occasion, the season or the number of guests.

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Collection: Allée de Cyprès

Material: Limoges porcelain

Finishes: 24 carats gold thread

Dimensions: 21,5 cm (diameter) x 2,5 cm (height)

Weight: 333 g

Care: hand washing is recommended, parts containing gold or platinum are not compatible with the use of the microwave.

Made in France 🇫🇷

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Shipping country: France

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