Marie Daâge

Allée de Cyprès, Plate


Plate in the Allée de Cyprès collection, realised in a beautiful palette of forest green on the borders. It is made of Limoges porcelain and entirely hand-painted in France. Each Marie Daâge piece is unique with a traditional 24-carat gold fillet and hand polished.

Marie Daâge proposes to build a service or to collect porcelain as one would add a beautiful piece to his wardrobe. In the same way that one does not wear the same little black dress with the same heels or the same jacket at every cocktail party, one mixes the decorations on the table by improvising different harmonies according to the occasion, the season or the number of guests.

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Collection: Allèe de Cypres

Material: Limoges porcelain

Finish: 24 carat gold thread

Dimensions: 26,5 cm (diameter) x 3,2 cm (height)

Weight: 594 g

Care: hand washing is recommended, parts containing gold or platinum are not compatible with the use of the microwave.

Made in France 🇫🇷

Shipping estimated time: 2 weeks

Shipping fees in France: € 40,00

Shipping fees in the rest of Europe: € 50,00

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Marie Daâge

PARIS, FRANCE | PORCELAIN For the past 25 years, Marie Daâge has been reviving French luxury and offers collections of porcelain from Limoges entirely hand-painted and made-to-measure. The Marie Daâge collections...

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