Black pottery from Chamba - Triple Sauceboat


This triple saucer comes from the village of La Chamba, on the banks of the Rio Magdalena, the cradle of black pottery, a fascinating and ancient local skill. The majority of the villagers have been working with clay for several hundred years to obtain today precious and unique pieces.

Handmade, the clay pieces of La Chamba are the object of a traditional know-how transmitted from generation to generation: a specific clay, a mixture of spices and a cooking at more than 800°C. Without forgetting a passage under the sun rays and a polishing with semi-precious stones of Agate which makes this black color so intense, typical of the pottery of this Colombian village. 

Collection: Black pottery from la Chamba

Material: 100% organic clay, no lead or varnish

Dimensions: 20 cm (diameter) x 4-7 cm (height)

Care: use of dishwasher allowed but hand wash is recommended

Use: on gas or electric stove, in the oven and microwave but not suitable for induction. Please keep in mind when cooking in clay, the cookware does not tolerate rapid temperature changes, the heat must be turned up slowly.

First time use: before using the object for the first time and only once, wash it well first and then fill half of the pan with water and let it cook for 30 minutes in the oven with a temperature of 200°C (in a gas oven).

Made in Colombia 🇨🇴

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