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Candle - "Obnoxious Liberals", 1982


The “Obnoxious Liberals” candle was designed with the Foundation of Jean-Michel Basquiat. It has a height of 40 cm and offers more than 800 burning hours. Available in a limited edition of 250 pieces, the candle is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the Jean-Michel Basquiat Foundation itself which makes this object unique.

If "Dancing" is first and foremost a world renowned painting for its strong message, The Oscar Collection has brilliantly transformed it into a candle and piece of art, with the help of the artist's own foundation.

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) is one of the comets of contemporary art. Having died of an overdose at the age of 27, this young friend of Warhol raised street art to the rank of the fine arts.His work bears witness to the reminiscences of his family's past (his Haitian origins), combined with the influences of pop art. He has become one of the great figures of Afro-Americanism in the art world.

Capitalism and its fall are at the heart of Basquiat's questioning. “Obnoxious Liberals” came out in 1982 and this work became one of the emblems of the artist who, through it, defies American society. He focused attention on the victims of capitalism by depicting on one side a chained black figure on the brink of starvation and on the other side, a dollar note, a cowboy's hat, representing the dominant white figures of American society at the time, as shown by Uncle Sam with his "not for sale" sign. 

A strong painting, which remains, even today, one of the strong visuals used to criticize an American system of suppressing minorities.

Collection: Jean-Michel Basquiat (american, 1960 - 1988)

Materials: glass, wax

Production: mixed media, 3D sublimation

Dimensions: 44 cm x 22 cm x 17 cm

Made in France 🇫🇷


Shipping estimated time: 3 - 4 weeks 

Shipping fees in Europe: free

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The Oscar Collection

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