Welcome to Meillart

Through our platform, travel through a selection of unique objects from the world's greatest craftsmen.

In a world of fast and instantaneous consumption, our will is to offer a new online experience to craftsmen; craftsmen who use their know-how to produce less, but better, to create objects that have a story, objects that are destined to last through time.

A story of ecounters

We select from around the world expert and passionate craftsmen. Whenever possible, we go to meet them in their workshops, to discover their know-how and their personal stories, specific to a trade or a region. We then invite you to discover their universe and heritage.

Thus, more than a brand story, Meillart is above all a story of encounters.

A story that lasts

At Meillart, we value a more responsible approach to consumption: "less but better". This is why we support the notion of time, essential to the production of the pieces we offer.

It is normal to wait a few weeks to receive a dinner service, for example. During this time, a passionate craftsman shows exceptional know-how to create objets for you. A piece that is destined to last a lifetime and to impact you on a daily basis through the nobility of its cut or the delicacy of its ornaments.

At Meillart, we respect the craftsmen's time and we invite you to take yours.

A family story

We are Alfred and Marie, brother and sister from a family in love with beautiful things. At home, we have always been concerned about know-how and a job well done, which we now take to heart.

After professional experiences in the digital world for Alfred and at Sotheby's for Marie, we decided to offer a new experience to showcase craftsmen and designers. More modern, in line with the way we consume today and our desires for tomorrow's world.