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It is in our grandmother’s rose garden that we discovered what beauty really meant. She pointed out each rose by its distinctive features, explaining that in their uniqueness each needs special care. As we knelt listening to her—our hands in the earth, eyelevel with the rose buttons, she taught us patience and understanding. As well as savoir-faire . . . her favourite word. With the time and care she showered on her roses, beauty magically bloomed, opening a new world full of poetry.

For poetry to appear, a supplement of life is needed. More than objects, our parents taught us to surround ourselves with extraordinary, rare and true stories.

Alfred and I were inspired to share this story of beauty and savoir-faire. Meillart, named after Meilland, our grandmother’s favourite rose, is our way to pay tribute to our craftsmen extraordinary work.

Find your treasure piece

Made-to-order or custom-made, each object on Meillart is the result of curated work guided by our search for beauty. These objects include tables, chairs, lamps, vases, rugs, glasses, napkins, plates—the everyday objects of life valued for their expression of delicate tastes and the care that went into making them. In sensitive, subtle tones they whisper their extraordinary story to those who bend to eyelevel and take them in.

We are proud to bring you works from some of the world’s leading designers and craftsmen.


Discover our custom-made experience

Whether you are an informed amateur, complete beginner or professional, we offer you a discreet personalised service, from initial idea through to installation of the work. Our team is on hand to help you select a unique piece, design a custom-made object or advise you on décor. Our goal? To help you find the object your heart desires, in conversation with the craftsman who made it.

The story of Meillart is the stories of all of our craftsmen

Meillart is not a brand, it is an open conversation with craftsmen and traditional manufacturers who turn everyday objects into subjects of discussion. Our criterion for collaboration is that they care as much about beauty and taste as we do. In them we recognize savoir-faire, the patience and understanding to elevate the ordinary to the artistic. Through them we help sustain a living heritage of authentic craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing techniques, bringing the unsung heroes of design and creativity to the world.


Our selection of unique objects

Emily - LoungeEmily - Lounge


Emily - Lounge

Origami Garnet - RugOrigami Garnet - Rug

Ferreira de Sá

Origami Garnet - Rug

From 4.039€
Amalfi - FrameAmalfi - Frame


Amalfi - Frame

From 532€
Laguna - CandleholderLaguna - Candleholder

Reflections Copenhagen

Laguna - Candleholder

Proud Pink - LampProud Pink - Lamp

Lisette Rützou

Proud Pink - Lamp