Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre


Vista Alegre is a world reference in the production of porcelain, crystal and glass. With a balance between manual know-how and cutting-edge technology, as well as numerous collaborations with renowned contemporary designers, the company perpetuates its heritage while anchoring it in modernity.

Vista Alegre was founded in 1824 by José Ferreira Pinto Basto, a remarkable figure in Portuguese society in the 19th century. A daring trader, politician and advocate for the arts, he led Vista Alegre to success and was the first manufacturer of porcelain in Portugal. Five years after its creation, it received the title of Real Fabrica (Royal Factory) and was distinguished at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1867.

The craftsmen of Vista Alegre still produce crystal in an artisanal way today, with a mold and a blowing rod, perpetuating a thousand-year-old tradition. Vista Alegre crystal is thus a superior crystal, which stands out for its great sound, brilliance, transparency and luminosity. To ensure crystal perfection, each piece is inspected by expert craftsmen, who reject it if it has any flaw.

Discover the plates, dishes, mugs, teapots from the Constellation d'Or and Butterfly Parade collections along with the Bicos glasses and carafes.  At the forefront of excellence and innovation, and thanks to relevant collaborations with established or emerging artists, Vista Alegre perpetuates its know-how with passion and authenticity.

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