In 1921, Paolo Venini, Giacomo Cappellin and Vittorio Zecchin founded Vetri Soffiati Cappellin Venini. The union of these three personalities laid the foundations of the stylistic identity that still distinguishes the Italian glass company today: preservation of a unique artistic heritage, rooted in the Venetian culture of the 11th century, change in traditional patterns, openness to the contemporary avant-garde and mastery of ancestral working techniques.

For over a century of history and passion, the best master glassmakers and artists have been meeting in the Fornace of Venini. They transform the precious silica sand into lava glass, which is then blown and worked by hand, all in a perfect balance between traditional techniques and contemporary art and design. These exceptional craftsmen give life to a history of excellence and innovation that begins in Italy and reaches all over the world thanks to countless techniques, each more meticulous and delicate than the last.

Many artists have collaborated and still collaborate with Venini. They come from all over the world to get to know the mysterious charm of the Fornace. Each of their visits is an intense combination of craftsmanship, Murano's ancient heritage, the latest design and creativity in the purest sense of the word. The exceptional collections of vases and sculptures, as well as the lighting fixtures of the Italian firm, have been widely rewarded with glorious awards and exhibitions in the most important international museums.

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