Sotow, which signifies "Sitting on Top of the World", was created by Paolo Calgani, an Italian artist and designer.  

Sotow is a range of armchairs, chairs and tables whose styles, colours and materials make them "one-of-a-kind". Paolo Calcagni likes to mix materials: iron, velvet, linen, alcantara, cotton: he designs and creates colourful, soft and offbeat pieces, unique in their kind.

His inspiration? Italy.  Paolo had a career in advertising and was also involved as creator and editor of “The Official Point of View”, a visual diary of the Salone del Mobile, the international design show held every year in Milan. This experience in particular made him discover his talent for design.

Paolo Calcagni decided to put his know-how at the service of his country. An approach that we appreciate and that we like to highlight at Meillart.  Collaborating with many specialised craftsmen, Paolo Calcagni has succeeded in offering a range of innovative Sotow products combining high quality, know-how, beauty and comfort. The combination of all these aspects makes Sotow a timeless brand that will sublimate your interior and exterior.

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