After 10 years of experience in the high fashion industry, Roberto Ziliani created the avant-garde lighting firm, Slamp. With an original concept dedicated to the manufacture of innovative, eclectic and contemporary lamps, inspired by nature, architecture, geometry and current artistic trends.

Rich of an exceptional know-how acquired during the last 25 years, Slamp proposes lamps with a unique and recognizable character thanks to the use of unalterable technopolymers which allow to realize shapes, decorations and effects impossible with other materials. In addition, each creation is designed by hand with precise processes worthy of high fashion houses, allowing the production of original, high-end shapes. 

Over the years, Slamp has been very successful and the collections have been enriched thanks to the collaboration of renowned designers such as Zaha Hadid or Bruno Rainaldi, who are invited to imagine revolutionary and unique objects. Some of the collections have been exhibited at important events such as Milan Fashion Week and at exhibitions at the MUAC Museum in Mexico City and the Maxxi Museum in Rome.

Located right outside of Rome, the historic home of the original workshop, the Italian brand is committed to excellence, with awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and patents filed for technical innovation.

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