Noemie Lacroix

Noemie Lacroix


Living and working between Amsterdam and Paris, Noémie Lacroix is a multidisciplinary artist and tapestry weaver working mainly on paper and textile using a mix of medium such as screen printing, engraving and painting. Her works have been showcased in exhibitions in both France and Europe. The artist invites us to re-imagine the familiar objects that surround us through her patterns, colours and unique image creations. 

Double Jeu

This is the name that Noémie Lacroix has given to this new collection which honours the history of the carré. This scarf or "neck handkerchief" has been used since the middle of the 19th century by French historians and poets as a ceremonial object or an imaginative educational support. It is used to convey messages, scenes of life, stories, and sometimes even represents game boards. A double-edged accessory... a double game. 

The artist is inspired by our parents' vintage game boards that we sometimes take out for board game evenings by the fire. In collaboration with the graphic artist Alice Cadillon, she uses the board of little horses, chess, or even the game of goose. Each scarf in the collection plays its double game wonderfully since it has its own series of handmade ceramic pawns, which can be used for playing or worn as jewellery, created in collaboration with Lucie Malbéqui. 

The scarves are made of 100% organic cotton made in France and certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This winter, wrap yourself up in softness and stage your square to play by the fire!

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