"Motarasu" is a Japanese word meaning "to bring change". Founded by Mikkel Zebitz in 2018, Motarasu brings together Japanese and Danish designers such as Mads Emil Garde, Design Studio Lars Vejen and Taijiro Ishiko Design under one brand. Mikkel comes from a commercial background and has worked with the construction and development of business units in the fashion and lifestyle industry for several years before looking at the idea of bringing together designers from Japan and Denmark. Both nations have long and strong design traditions and have much in common when it comes to designing beautiful and functional furniture. 

Danish design has been strongly influenced by Japanese design since 1853, when Japan opened its borders to the rest of the world. The styles of the two countries are very similar, both focusing on simplicity, quality materials and craftsmanship. Like the Nordic design traditions, Japanese design is often associated with minimalism. Japanese design seeks to eliminate unnecessary decoration and let the material and function of the furniture speak for itself. Links to the past are very visible in contemporary Japanese design, with a deep respect for ancient traditions, craftsmanship and techniques. Similarly, clean lines and a love of materials are at the heart of Danish design. A product must first serve a purpose and help solve a problem: form follows function. Factors such as the scarcity of raw materials have also led to a great respect for materials and a simplistic approach to design in both Denmark and Japan. 

Motarasu embraces the spirituality of Japan and the comfort of Denmark, the naturalness of Japan and the freshness of Denmark, the harmony of Japan and the experimentation of Denmark. The company's philosophy is to surround itself with beautiful, quality furniture and interiors, specially selected to bring joy to the home.

The Collection Motarasu

Jundo - DaybedJundo - Daybed

Jundo - Daybed

From 4.030€
A slightly transparent blue watercolour that looks like fog
Custom-made Project

Are you looking to work on a custom-made project with Motarasu ?

Jundo - DaybedJundo - Daybed

Jundo - Daybed

From 3.895€
Sen - LampSen - Lamp

Sen - Lamp


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