Maude Smith

Maude Smith


Maude is a maker, decorator, creator and painter, based in London. She cultivates out of her home in London a deliciously old-fashioned, cabinet-like atmosphere. Maude grew up in the Yorkshire countryside, before going off to study at Edinburgh College of Art.

Maude's eclectic interior invites us into a folk and delicately kitsch world. Nothing escapes her artistic eye. Porcelain scraps and shells on her kitchen walls, feather collections and paper decorations handing, everywhere she mends and sublimes forgotten trinkets. Murals on doors, cupboards or the fireplace come to perfect this meticulous decoration and transport us into a fairy tale. Her interior has earned her numerous appearances in prestigious magazines such as "The World of Interiors" and "House & Garden".

It is in this universe that Maude handpaints ceramic tiles with ladybirds, butterflies, botanicals and birds - perfect ingredients to decorate a bathroom to perfectely start the day.

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