Marie Daâge

Marie Daâge


For the past 25 years, Marie Daâge has been reviving French luxury and offers collections of porcelain from Limoges entirely hand-painted and made-to-measure.

The Marie Daâge collections are designed like those of haute couture: the inspirations, contemporary or historical, evoke the French art of living, elegant, offbeat, subtle, sumptuous ... obvious. Entirely hand-painted according to Marie's "secret" technique in the Limoges region of France, the brand is built the spirit of the times: a logic far removed from rapid consumption, respecting each piece as an object of art and not merely an ephemeral design, offering the freedom to everyone to choose their style without being locked into diktats.

Many small manufacturers depend on Marie Daâge's production. The historical heritage that is artisanal, industrial and cultural are essential elements that continue to shine though this global brand with local production.

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