Luisa Peixoto

Luisa Peixoto


For the past 24 years, Luisa Peixoto has focused on the purity of the shapes of each object along with its aesthetic concepts. Luisa underlines as essential attributes both craftsmanship and emotional relationship with the product, making the verbs "live" and "feel" resonate endlessly.

"Live better with less that lasts longer" is a statement made by Luisa Peixoto, who lives in Portugal and who enjoys the cultural and artisanal wealth of this region. Luisa, who is committed to ethical and aesthetic collections, works to contribute in creating original and timeless interiors that bring joy and well-being to her customers. Each piece is designed to meet the values promoted by Luisa Peixoto and her team: attention to detail, rarity, essence and quality of raw materials with a strong passion for manual work and Portuguese craftsmanship.

Each piece has the particularity of awakening all our senses.

Combining ethics, quality and authenticity, her furniture has managed to conquer more than one interior design enthusiast. Architects, hotels and restaurants around the world are eager to create collaborations with the renowned designer. A highlight in the history of Luisa Peixoto? It is undoubtedly the folding screen she designed for one of Pope Benedict XVI’s travels. Discover without further ado the pieces presented in collaboration with Luisa Peixoto. They are unique and you can personalise each one according to your wishes.

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