Jacobsroom Editions


Jacobsroom Editions is a brand and design studio founded in 2017 by Kathrin Charlotte Bohr with the desire to create unique objects, limited editions as well as original installations for any interior. The collections are an extension of the creative thinking of the designer, trained in art schools between France, Germany and Italy, where beauty, rigour and poetry characterise all her productions.
The artistic character of the Jacobsroom collections responds to the desire to merge the vision of society with the aspirations of each individual, offering personalised solutions by shaping the objects in production in the specific form of their sensibility and the environments they inhabit. Jacobsroom creations are made by exceptional craftsmen: from carpenters to blacksmiths, artists who forge shapes, they are all experts in their field, able to reflect, in the knowledge they have passed on, how much we need the past to think about the future.


The Collection Jacobsroom Editions

A slightly transparent blue watercolour that looks like fog
Custom-made Project

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