For over 60 years, Illulian has been a reference in the field of high quality antique and contemporary rugs. Founded in 1959, the family business is now run by Shahnaz Illulian and her sons Davis and Bendis Ronchetti. The brand has mastered the art of making pieces that are truly timeless works of art and unaffected by time.

Illulian's success is linked to an expertise developed and passed on over many decades. In particular thanks to a creative and innovative approach combined with the traditional Nepalese know-how of hand-knotting carpets, but also thanks to the quality of the fine materials used and associated with traditional and environmentally friendly dyeing techniques.

Today, this know-how is highlighted in numerous collaborations with renowned personalities from the world of architecture, design and fashion. 

Based in Milan, Illulian presents contemporary collections that reflect the latest design trends, as well as antique and rare rugs and tapestries made exclusively by hand.

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