Fontenille Pataud

Fontenille Pataud


Since 1929, Fontenille Pataud proudly produces handmade cutlery and table knives. Rapidly, the company is recognised as one of the high-end manufactures, is admired for its expertise and some of whose knives are on display in Thier's famous knife museum.

Also known as being a training center, Fontenille Pataud favours quality over quantity and values its craftsmen and their handcraft skills. Managing the right balance between respect for French tradition and mastering the latest technological innovations make the knives of Fontenille Pataud an exceptional product.

In December 2018, Yann Delarboulas, employed since six years at Fontenille Pataud and having been immersed in the cutlery world since his childhood, bought the company with his partner Cécile Dissay. Cécile brings a wealth of experience in the luxury goods with her, having worked for seventeen years at Hermès.

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