Federica Ramacciotti

Federica Ramacciotti


After numerous trips to the four corners of the globe and a design diploma at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Federica Ramacciotti founded her eponymous ceramic studio in 2019. Her wish is to create unique porcelain objects that combine everyday functionality with an aesthetic purity.

The designer believes in a rediscovered beauty, free of unnecessary noise and perfectly in tune with our needs. That is why when she designs an object, she consciously allows the shape, the texture of the material and the colour to interact with what is around and create a singular atmosphere.

Her handmade ceramics also follow their season, respecting the rhythm given by the process of drying, shaping, firing and finishing the products. It is only by respecting these requirements that the magic happens. The magic that transforms clay into a pure and harmonious object, ready to enter your home.

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