De Campos

De Campos


In 1963, João Vieira de Campos founded his company De Campos in the city of Porto, a factory that produces kitchen, decoration and furnishing items exclusively in tin. Ten years later, in 1973, the Portuguese company expanded with the branch Linha Fogo, for the production of aluminum objects. 

In the early years, De Campos focused on exporting its products to the United States, including the Metropolitan Museum in New York and department stores such as Bloomingdales and Saks. Traditional creations are mixed with reproductions of objects specially made for events, such as new exhibitions or store openings. Taking advantage of their popularity on the American market, De Campos gained notoriety and expanded into Europe. Today, the brand is present each year at several fairs in Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris and Lisbon, for example. 

De Campos specialises in the exclusive production of unique creations that can be customised. The manufacturing processes are entirely handmade, from the melting of the metals, to the moulding, to the sanding and grinding, the team of craftsmen at De Campos have been perfecting the crafting of exceptional pewter and aluminium items for several decades. 

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