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Benedetta de Mennato is an Italian designer. She has always cultivated a passion for art and design. After a studying in London, at Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design, she entered the fashion world where she worked for Fendy, Bally, Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta before returning to her original passion: design and working on the material of glass.

Each table Benedetta creates is unique. Designed and made to measure. Benedetta works in her studio in the region of Marche on the production of her tables with the help of master glassmakers.

BDM.Art Studio tables are curved and have a shape similar to that of a wave. In order to reach this effect, a gradual heating process is applied on the glass at a temperature between 500 and 600 degrees Celsius. The glass softens and adheres to a curved mold by the force of gravity, thanks to this heating technique.

BDM.Art Studio tries to combine a refined design with the highest quality standards. Glass is a perfect material to decorate the places where we live: infinitely customizable and timeless.

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